Working at RSE

At RSE, we firmly believe that our success is driven by the capability and acumen of our employees. Thus, we are constantly looking forward to adding to our team with curious and passionate team-players who want to create a difference to the society. Working in the renewable energy space provides a unique opportunity to be a part of India’s tremendous growth story towards becoming a pioneer in the global energy space. In that respect, our endeavour is to provide a conducive environment for our employees to learn and grow along with the group and encourage independent thinking and innovation.

Corporate Roles

Corporate roles comprise central teams which sit out of our head office and manage the overall business of the group. These include specific teams for project management, finance and accounts, business development, human resource management and teams for other central roles.

On-Site Role

Each of our project sites have a dedicated team looking after the construction and operations of the projects. These roles provide exposure to on-ground intricacies of development and management of renewable energy assets.

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